Ed Atkins, was born in Oxford in 1982. Currently lives and works in London. Studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London and Slade School of Fine Art, London .

Ed Atkins practice has many dimensions – his videos, his writings, his performances, his singing, his drawings, his books; all of these aspects of his practice cross-pollinate each other. As portrayed memories, ephemeral impulses from the past, his drawings set in motion a consciousness of time. They are recordings of special experiences, which lead to a common horizon in a shared past. They are a protest against forgetting. Is drawing a form of resistance in the age of the Internet? The act of drawing is ubiquitous - drawing as a form of daily writing, as an extension of sight and as a way of understanding reality. In his high definition digital videos, Atkins brings all the dimensions of his creativity together and we can also regard his oeuvre of drawings as a kind of laboratory for his films.

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Serpentine Gallery, London

© Ed Atkins and Cabinet, London;
Photo: Ed Atkins
© Ed Atkins and Cabinet, London

Selected Exhibitions

Ed Atkins - Recent Ouija, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Ed Atkins - RIBBONS, Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin
Ed Atkins & Bruce Nauman, Kunsthalle Mainz, Mainz
Ed Atkins, Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London
Bastards - Ed Atkins, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Ed Atkins, Kunsthalle Zürich, Zurich

Number Seven: Ed Atkins / Frances Stark, Julia Stoschek
Collection, Dusseldorf
Ed Atkins. Warm, Warm, Warm Spring Mouths, Galerie Isabella
Bortolozzi, Berlin
Ed Atkins, MoMA, PS1, New York
Ed Atkins, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin

Ed Atkins. Us Dead Talk Love, Chisenhale Gallery, London
Marketa Othova / Ed Atkins, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn

Art Now: Ed Atkins, Tate Britain, London
Ed Atkins. Death Mask, Cabinet, London

The Scent, Death Mask II, etc. - Ed Atkins, Limoncello, London
Ed Atkins. SPOILER, Rhubaba, Edinburgh

© Ed Atkins and Cabinet, London
© Ed Atkins and Cabinet, London